Group Medical Insurance

The Group Medical Insurance in St. Thomas Forane Church was an idea of Rev. Fr. Thomas Kallukalam CMI by seeing the increasing number of people approaching the church for medical help. Our Group Medical Insurance was started in the year of 2015 and is known as the first such program among any religious organizations across Karnataka. It is a true model and example on how to identify and utilize the best available options for the betterment of the community and how well it can be shaped for the best use of them.

The medical insurance team of St. Thomas Forane Church is also conducting awareness sessions and programs in various churches across Bangalore upon their request so as to educate them about the best benefits of the program. Number of churches in Bangalore have already introduced the Group Medical Insurance for their parishioners under the guidance and direction of the  Group Medical Insurance team in St. Thomas Forane Church.

Benefits of our Group Medical Insurance Program

People frequently misunderstand that, Group Medical Insurances are meant only for companies and corporate and not for religious organizations like churches. Due to such misconceptions, there are very few thoughts or actions happening from religious organizations on how to utilize these options for our community. If utilized in a better way, group mediclaim policies can protect our families to a great extend from increasing treatment expenses by covering all illnesses from the day one.

There are lots of people nowadays subscribing individual mediclaim policies to protect them and their family members. However, here is a short comparison on how Group Mediclaim Insurance taking precedence over individual policies through its excellent features:    

1. Group mediclaim insurance policies do not have any waiting period. All existing diseases are covered and can be claimed from day one. In the same time individual insurance policies have waiting periods from 2 to 5 years depends on the person who subscribes it.

2. There are no age limits for joining group mediclaim policies. This would be highly beneficial to add aged people to get covered from group medical insurance policies. Individual policies do not have this feature and limited to 65-70 years maximum to join in most of the cases. More over, the premium would be very high if a senior citizen is added to the individual mediclaim policy.

3. Group mediclaim policies are tailor made by the insurance company through analyzing the requirements of particular community/organization. Due to this, the premium would be considerably low when comparing with individual medical policies.

4. There are no medical checkups for group insurance policy members regardless there age and sex. However, individual policies required strict medical checkup.

Major reasons for introducing group mediclaim in St. Thomas Forane Church

1.       Increasing number of parishioners approaching church for medical assistance.

2.       Higher rate of serious illness such as heart stroke, organ failures, various fevers such as dengue, H1N1 etc.

3.       Higher accident rate

4.       Day to day increasing treatment and medical expenses

5.       Drastically changing and unhealthy lifestyle, food, environment etc.

Considering the high potential and requirement of such policies, we are now interested to expand the same to other churches to take for them same benefits like us. Our team members are willing to provide necessary induction to other places also, if required.

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